To Register:

1) Click here.  This will take you to our Beanstack site to set up your profile.

2)  You have 2 choices when creating your profile. You can choose to register as a family/group (You will all work toward one goal); this link is on the right side of the Beanstack page.


You can choose to register each child individually. To do this, you will click on the link under the header for the age of your child/ren.

3) You will need to put your information in first, then it will ask for your child/ren's information next. 

4) Once your family or all your children have a profile, you can select the "Pre-Register for Summer Breakout".

5) After you click this, you can choose a learning track to complete via Beanstack OR you can stop in the library and pick up a paper game board. We are using the learning tracks and paper game boards in lieu of our usual reading records. After you register at home, stop in the library for a calendar of events, a free book (per registrant), a few coupons, and a form for a free Tin Caps ticket (per registrant).

6) When you complete a learning track or game board, stop in the library to receive a surprise activity pack. Your family/child/ren may complete up to 3 game boards/learning tracks during the 6 week program. At the end of the program, as long as your child/family has earned the Summer BreakOUT badge on Beanstack, &/or completed 1 game board, you will be invited to our end of summer party (TBD) and receive a form for a free Mad Ants ticket (per finisher), and a few other goodies!

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