Every 1st and 3rd Thursday come to the Teen Space at Defiance Public Library and watch anime. The club is open to those in grades 6-12.

The club is led by one of our Teen Advisory Board members.

Preparing for college is a daunting task for parents & students alike.  We hope the list of websites compiled here for you will help relieve some of the stress & anxiety associated with trying to plan for the future.  You will find sites here to help in searching for the right college, as well as guiding your funding & scholarship searches.  We wish you & your child the best & good luck in your search.

Knowing how to connect with your teen is not something you automatically know how to do the moment you become a parent.  Below you will find some sites with information about how crucial the bond between a parent & teen is to their development, as well as tips on building a strong parent-child relationship.  You will also find information about the strong positive impact reading can have on your child’s development.

Looking for Child's Parents page? CLICK HERE

Want the latest and greatest info on the entertainment track?  Have a question about your health?  Maybe you just want to find a good book to read.  Or, maybe you are the curious type that likes to know how things work.  You can find all this & more on the websites we’ve provided for you, so have fun exploring!

Education is a key component to our mission.  Therefore, supporting other organizations dedicated to education is very important to us.  We hold educators in the highest regard & hope you will find some of the sites & services useful in your instruction of Middle, Jr. & High school students.


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