It’s Teen Winter Craze time!

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Do chilly days and extra time spent at home have you looking for a worthwhile way to spend some time this winter? Youth in grades 6-12 are invited to participate in Defiance Public Library System’s Teen Winter Craze reading challenge, taking place February 1-28.

This is an online challenge. It takes just seconds to get registered at, and even less time to log your daily reading for a chance to win a prize. We know, we know…it barely even makes sense: prizes, just for reading books! Yet, here we are! You can log your reading on Beanstack using your desktop, or try the super-easy Beanstack Tracker app, available from The App Store and Google Play.

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Download the Beanstack Tracker app from The App Store or Google Play. It’s like FitBit, for reading!

Log the time you read, books finished, and even book reviews to be entered into our weekly mystery-prize drawings. The more you complete, the more tickets you earn for the grand-prize drawing FOR A MYSTERY BOX!

“Why, what is inside this mystery box?” you might ask. Well, we aren’t telling. Then it wouldn’t be a MYSTERY box, now would it? It could be anything, from gift cards and tote bags, to craft kits, washi tape, and books.

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Photo does not depict actual mystery box you will receive… Yours will not be aflame.

In the 1970s, about 60 percent of high school seniors reported reading a book, magazine or newspaper every single day. Four decades later, in 2016, 16 percent of high school seniors reported doing so, according to a recent study by the American Psychological Association. Interestingly, they’re actually reading more words than ever: scraps and statuses, clips and short articles–anything but long-form text!

Teens, we know you’re reading (and reading, and reading…) so switch it up during the month of February and get lost in a book. If you MUST, you can even read it on your smartphone–those count too, and you can find plenty of e-books and audiobooks by searching our online catalogs (click here), and the “Digital Discoveries” section of our website with your library card in hand. Granted, an e-book won’t lend you the air of vintage coolness seen below…

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Air of vintage coolness.

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