THANK YOU to everyone who helped make DefCom 7 amazing! All our vendors, sponsors (Friends of JML, Friends of DPL, Northtowne Mall, Defiance Food Co-op), Ohio Garrison – 501st Legion, Midwest R2, Scott Conley and his Mystery Machine, Just Be Original – JBO’s Fine Arts Academy, Kdog’s Arcade, RedzProps, LLC., CATastrophe Creation, Silas Sanchez, our volunteers, committee, and of course, our attendees!
See you next year!

The event has quite a zero-to-hero origin story itself: the first Def-Com was planned as part of a grant application that was, unfortunately, unsuccessful.

“We thought, ‘Hey, why not throw a mini-con anyway?’” said Angela Powell, branch manager at Johnson Memorial Library and one of the event’s founding organizers. “We had one without a budget that year, using just our local artist friends and musicians, a few crafts, a cosplay contest, and the library’s side yard.

“Fast forward to 2020—unfortunately cancelled—when we had signed on the Farscape actress to join us. [In the past] we’ve even had famous cars from Supernatural, Jurassic Park, and a TARDIS.”

Steve Miller

Local artist Steve Miller will return to DefCom with his orignial art.

Stephanie Leming

Stephanie is a cosplayer with 12 years of experience. She specializes in handmade cat-related items, resin crafts, Pokemon necklaces, & worry stones.

Jacob Minick

Jacob is a professional artist who has worked for publishers such as Action Lab Entertainment and Devil’s Due, as well as a vendor of collectibles and comics.

The Kawaii-est Little Stationery Store

A veteran con vendor with an eye for detail, ‘The Kawaii-est Little Stationery Store’ will bring bookmarks, sticker sheets, washi tape, notebooks, and more.

Jelani Maliik

Maliik is CEO & Director of MVNIFVST LLC, a multimedia company and lifestyle brand with a team of artists specializing in pop culture art.

Lesley Zimmerman

Zimmerman is a cosplayer and artist returning to Def-Com for her fourth time! She’s selling resin art, cosplay prints, and small trinkets.

Marlin Muhe

A vendor of collectibles who will bring items of all sorts to the Con.

Craig Graham

Artist Craig Graham will be on hand selling his pastel chalk paintings.

Cecelia Muehlfeld

Muehlfeld is a self-taught artist who will bring her illustrations, prints, stickers, and pins.

Katie Perrine

Perrine of Patsy Cakes & Confections will vend her fun and fantastic pop culture-themed treats, including cookies, cupcakes, brownies & candies.


ReyneSong is a digital & traditional artist bringing stickers and prints for sale.

Frank James Bailey

Bailey is a voice actor and writer bringing his Tercona book series for all ages to the Con.

The Losers Club

Horror and Nostalgia! That’s all you need! Collectibles! Vintage Toys! Art! We love it and it’s a bonus if you do too.

Renee Schneider

Schneider creates resin goodies, including keychains, phone grips, painted tiles and coasters, paintings, jewelry, & more.

Benjamin Rodriguez

Rodriguez specializes in laser cut, engraved, and painted 3D art, and will offer home decor and gifts for sale.

Caden Morgan

Morgan of Moose Rabbit Makery is about cute, low-key ways to showcase your nerdy side, and will offer embroidered patches, hats, & keychains.

Matt O'Connor

O’Connor is an independent artist specializing in anthropomorphic cartoon animals.

Simply from Scratch Bakery

Simply from Scratch Bakery is bringing flavor to Def-Com with decorated sugar cookies, marshmallows, cupcakes, puppy chow, & more.

Loading Crew Crafts

Specializing in Dakimakura (anime and video game body pillow covers), plushes, charms, keychains, lanyards, pouches, buttons, & pins of their original artwork.

Jamie Craig

Jamie is a scultptor and illustrator specializing in small, handmade polymer clay and resin sculptures.

Creambi Arts

Bethany Black of Creambi Arts makes & sells zines, necklaces, keychains, charms, needle-felted figurines, & stickers.

Rachel Richardson

Rachel will be offering her resin-made keychains, coasters, earrings, & more.

Madalyn & Kasey Hedge

These young entrepreneurs will offer their perler bead jewelry and printed book pages.

Hannah Zedaker

Wearable and practical art with nature, spiritual, & macabre themes, including candles, masks, jewelry, & accessories.

Pack Rats

Def-Com welcomes PackRats, which will have a selection of goods for sale.

Aaron Auzins

Auzins will have a variety of retro video games on offer, as well as video game & anime collectibles.

Isaiah Stottlemyer

Stottlemyer specializes in crocheted stuffed animals, blankets, & kitchen items, plus sewed rice bags and paintings.

Angela Mendoza

This Holgate-based artist will bring prints, stickers, & original art as well as anime fan art to Def-Com.

Ezekiel Tracy

Tracy is an artist and author, and will be bringing YA fiction books as well as monster and dragon coloring books, stickers, pins, & keychains.

Julianna Berger

Stop by Julianna’s booth to get your nerdy wreaths from Fantastic Little Wreaths by Jules.

Midwest R2 Builders Club

Come meet R2-D2, and learn about various parts and tools used to build and maintain a ‘droid!

Alyssa Wells

This full-time artist and harpist is bringing a selection of handmade books, sketchbooks, journals, pocket books, & bookmarks.

Haley Breckler

Treat yourself to a wiener! Breckler’s Wieners on Wheels will be serving up their hotdogs to hungry con-goers.

Silas Sanchez

Returning vendor Silas Sanchez is a young artist with a passion for all things pop culture.

SteamProps LLC

Weapons restoration, specializing in custom steampunk props.

Atom Ball/Oxizero Design

Oxizero Design will offer enamel pins, prints, stickers, & shirts, all of original artwork.

Bryan Game Stop

Def-Com welcomes Bryan Game Stop.

Marsh Kaleido

Artist, writer, and creater of the webcomic Blank Eyes, Marsh will bring digital art, stickers, pins, & earrings.

Friends of Johnson Memorial Library

Stop by the Friends booth, where they’ll have water, chips, and stickers for sale.