Classroom Card Instructions

  • The teacher will keep his/her personal card and must register for the Classroom Card separately, as a secondary card.  The teacher must sign a waiver agreeing to use the Classroom Card for classroom curriculum-related materials only.  All personal items should be borrowed on the teacher’s personal library card.  Library personnel have the right to question suspicious material & deem it inappropriate for classroom use, which may result in revocation of the Classroom Card.  Should a question arise as to whether or not personal materials have been borrowed on the Classroom Card, the teacher will be notified through email, giving him/her the opportunity to respond.  If the teacher fails to respond within the time period stated in the email, the items in question will be deleted from the Classroom Card.
  • The Classroom Card will have the teacher’s name attached to it.
  • The teacher’s work email must be provided and will be used for all notifications.
  • Teachers must show proof of status as a current teacher in an area school by providing one of the following: 
-School ID
-Most recent check stub
-School contract
(We will NOT accept OEA cards or teaching licenses as proof of status.)
  • Teachers are responsible for lost or damaged materials borrowed on their Classroom Cards.
  • The classroom card is only valid from August 1st through June 10th of the school year issued. The card must be renewed each school year.  Exceptions for special circumstances, for example, summer school, may be granted if approved by the Director or a Designee.
Benefits of a Classroom Card:
  • 50-item limit
  • 6-week borrowing period; with the exceptions of the Media Browsing and Browsing Collections (no renewals allowed)
*Please note:  Substitute teachers are able to obtain a Classroom Card if they are teaching in the same classroom for fifteen (15) or more consecutive days, + providing that they accept the conditions of the Classroom Card.  A substitute teacher may show proof of employment at a school or educational institution by having his/her current principal fill out and sign a document provided by the library stating such employment.  Once this is done, the substitute may be issued a temporary Classroom Card made valid from the date of issue until the last day of their substitution as stated on the document provided.  In this instance, if a work email is not available, a personal email will be accepted.

Please visit the main desk at your DPLS library to apply!