Finance and Jobs

Links to help you manage your finances and obtain that job.

Budget and Save

The Mint
Information and tips on how to earn, budget, save and more.

Job Hunting

The Balance
Provides information on how to write a resume while in high school.


Volunteer to build up that resume. This website has information on the “how” and “where” to volunteer.

Jobs for Teens HQ
This website is a free resource that helps teens find a job whether you are looking for a part-time job at eleven years-old or a career at nineteen. This resources provides links to available job opportunities, interviewing skills, and resume building.

Snag A Job
Browse through local job opportunities for teens. Just plug in your zip code and search.

Resume Now
Easy to follow steps on writing a resume. Complete with examples, templates, and formats. This website also has information on how to write a cover letter and a post interview thank you note.

*Updated April 2020