Homeschool Family Card Instructions

  • Homeschooling parents must show proof of home schooling by providing either state documentation, or proof of enrollment in a virtual academy.
  • Homeschooling parents must provide an active/valid personal e-mail address.
Terms of Use:
  • Homeschool Family Card holders are responsible for lost or damaged materials borrowed on their Homeschool Family Card.
  • There will only be one card per family issued.
  • Homeschool Family Cards expires 365 days from the first day of issue.  Once the 365 days are up, the family must reapply to continue using their Homeschool Family Card.
  • Limit of 20 holds at one time.
Benefits of the Homeschool Family Card:
  • The entire family may use it for any reason including personal use.
  • 30-day borrowing period, with the exceptions of the Media Browsing and Browsing collections (no renewals allowed). If the family wishes to borrow an item for longer than 30 days, once the original 30 days is up, they may borrow the item on their personal library card if it is not on hold for another patron.  Note:  Once checked out on a personal library card, the rules of the personal library card apply.
  • 50 items permitted to be checked out to the card.