Out with the New, in with the Old!

We here at DPLS are exceptionally excited to announce that following nearly a decade in storage at the Defiance Development and Visitors’ Bureau (nine years, to be exact!), the big, beautiful desk that many remember as the centerpiece of our main lobby at the Defiance Public Library has returned!

Well, that makes it sound a bit simpler than it was. It isn’t as if the thing sprouted legs and sauntered on in here to reclaim its rightful space. A huge, huge thank you to the DDVB for the storage space, and to the City of Defiance Parks and Recreation Department staffers who helped maneuver our grand desk into its new (old) home. If social media is any indication, our community members are happy to have this piece of the past back. Here’s what a few of our friends and patrons had to say:

“This makes my heart happy! This brings back so many memories, walking up to it as a kid…” -Hailey B.

“This photo reminds me of my childhood! Thank you for returning it to its spot!” -Mackenzie G.

“It looks fantastic! THIS is how I remember the library!” -Cassie V.

“So glad to see this beautiful desk back where it belongs! I missed seeing it!” -Lindsey S.

Stop in to see us (and our fantastic desk!) soon, but until then, enjoy these pictures taken Monday, moving day!

A quick “before” shot.

And during! Developing the plan of attack…
Somebody got their drawers in a bunch…
(From left) Sarah Marshall, Tabitha Sullivan, Cara Potter, Sunny Potter + Renee Hopper pose for a picture behind the desk, in all its glory! Sunny approves!

Ready for fall!