New 3D Printer Donated to DPL!

Thanks to a generous donation, the MakerSpace at Defiance Public Library has a new 3D printer, the Bambu Labs Carbon X1! This updated printer can print multiple colors, and has a higher resolution than our older MakerBot. This means higher quality prints, with the ability to add color details.

Files made to be printed in multiple colors can be found on, but .stl files from and other 3D file sources can also be printed in a single color. You can also create your 3D models in a variety of 3D modeling software, where you can design them to be printed in multiple colors. Here in the MakerSpace, we are just learning how to do this, so more information will be shared as we learn!

Printing costs will remain the same, at 5 cents per gram of filament to be used. Also, the MakerBot and Anycubic Photon will still be available to use for your projects, depending on what you need. The Photon resin printer is still better for smoother and miniature prints, but the new Carbon X1 is a great alternative to having to paint prints.

We are so excited for our patrons to experiment with this new equipement , and very thankful to our donor for this outstanding addition to the MakerSpace!

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