New Items Added to Library of Things!

Recently we added two new items to Defiance Public Library System’s Library of Things, and there’s a bit of an (unintentional) “revealing the unseen” theme. Now you can use your DPLS library card to check out a digital borescope, or ghost-hunting kit.

The Library of Things is a growing collection of items DPLS patrons can borrow & use for free.

Diagnose automotive, pipe, and other problems with the digital borescope. You can use a borescope for visual inspection work when the target area isn’t otherwise visible. 

The ghost-hunting kit, on the other hand, includes everything you need for your next paranormal investivation. Use the EMF meter to detect spectral presences, catch some EVP (electronic voice phenomena) with the digital voice recorder, and use the spirit box to chat with your new friends. The equipment comes packaged in a convenient carrying case.

Other items available in the Library of Things include a telescope, metal detector, boom box, disc golf set, and more. The items can be picked up at any DPLS location: Defiance Public, Sherwood Branch, or Johnson Memorial libraries.

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